daft bodies (throwback thursday)

daft bodies (throwback thursday)

I'm pretty sure the video and "project" below was what got me past my Google phone screen interview.

*Warning - turn the volume down* 

But in all seriousness, I really think it did. 

I had already made it past the phone interview with the recruiter (this is back in 2010), and I was now talking to someone in Ann Arbor, who was already on team I was applying for. I think he may have asked me about some project that I had worked on, or something that I accomplished in college that I was proud of. 

I'll admit that I already had this idea in my back pocket, just waiting for the right time to bring it up. 

This was it. 

This "story" was this weird, perfectly crafted becky-chan-example of my favorite things and things that I'm good at coming together. 

Teamwork, leadership, planning, coordination, creativity, practice, and hard work. 

Long story short, my rugby team decided to compete in the bi-annual "lip sync competition" at Wellesley College (in MA). This was right around the time I was obsessed with the "Daft Fingers" video on YouTube, and randomly during practice I decided it would be cool to do something like that, but with our bodies. A month later after spending hours of drawing stick figures and coming up with the choreography, and spending 6+ hours of lip sync practice a week, we won. 

We won $150 (total), and a whole lot of press. 

Was it work experience related? Or p-set or project related? Definitely not. 

But 8 years later, I can see how themes of this experience play into my life still today, and what I am doing at Google (now).

Still figuring out how to work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

This is one of my favorite videos. It was my last competition (and one I choreographed) before graduating. Generally I'm obsessed with the "process" and behind the scenes look of things, but you can also see how confident we were and how much fun we were having right before we were to go on stage. 

Becky Chan '09 Maryska Kaczmarek '09 Ali Pappas '10 Cathy Chu '10 Alex Davis '11 Jess Chung '11 Kris Arden '11 Miriam Pofcher '11 Recorded by Linda Guiney '09

If you want to see all of our competition videos (we competed 4 times), you can see them in this YouTube playlist

By the way I just did some YouTube searching, and as of 2017 the Wellesley Rugby team is still competing in the Wellesley Lip Syncs. 

31 is just as fun as 30

31 is just as fun as 30

the defining twitch

the defining twitch